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Your membership can help the project get started and that a positive effort makes the people of Tanzania ensured development, democracy and avoided migrations.

We all work unpaid and voluntarily.


The Watoto Children's House seeks to work for the long-term

and forward-looking help to the local community in Bukoba, Tanzania.

Children lack educational games to help them learn, be creative, innovative and thus be able to develop their country and ensure as well as secure their culture and future.


On the west bank of Lake Victoria in Tanzania is Bukoba and the project should start in a suburb here called Matopeni - Mud place - because it gets very muddy when it rains.


Children learn right now through conservative English ways that go on memorization and there are only a few or no textbooks available. The children sit 7-8 hours on their buttocks and memorize. Education through play is not a known and acknowledged concept. There are no toys, for example jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, colors and paper. This makes the children's natural curiosity and creativity not seen or challenged. All the memorization causes children to lose interest in learning - it is simply killing for any kind of creativity and experimentation.

The children house

Children's House is a creative and experimental heaven, where children can come and play. The children will be challenged in terms of age and mental development. They are in the children's house about 2 hours at a time where they are in an educational and creative environment. They learn to wonder, experiment, make mistakes without negative consequences.

They learn to work together and to resolve conflicts through dialogue. As they become more and more skilled, they go up in another level of difficulty. They start with, for example having to put jigsaw puzzle with 12 pieces, then going into solving bigger and bigger puzzles. Toys are not available locally, which is a great challenge.

We naturally start with very young children. They must be inspired to play, wonder, explore and develop thinking habits.

This will enable the new generations to develop and not only do what they have seen their parents or grandparents do. Since the house and all its activities is located in the neighborhood, it will be with their own culture and traditions as a background. They'll want to move on with their lives exploring new paths; their curiosity is preserved and can help to foster development of their country and future generations.

The vision is that this curiosity will stimulate some changes in schools and the educational culture and system where the children will be able to ask questions and seek new paths.

Michael Arbirk, who has worked with development projects, in particular Tanzania for more than 30 years, started the project.

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You have the opportunity to participate in meetings on project progress. Once it is up and running it will be possible to come down and see the Children, meeting the local activists who have been trained, meet the beautiful children playing, play and evolve yourself creatively. While playing, language is no barrier.

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